The 10 Best Data Room Software Vendors

A virtual data room is an online space used to store, manage and share confidential data. VDRs are a cost-effective solution that allows authorized individuals to work securely with highly sensitive information. Since no physical storage room is required, VDRs provide a structured virtual environment that any party can quickly access with just an internet connection.

Best VDR Vendors

Today, various data room providers offer similar services for storing and managing your data. But “similar” does not mean “identical”. On our website we provide information and reviews about the most popular VDR providers and their offers.

VDR software is used to store documents securely.

  1. iDeals

iDeals offers easy-to-use, cross-platform VDRs for M&A, real estate deals, board communications and more.

  1. Citrix

Citrix ShareFile is a comprehensive due diligence solution that is particularly suited to managing private equity deals and mergers. It is easy for using and very comfortable.

  1. Datasite

Datasite offers VDR software that understands the needs of business people and offers solutions to possible obstacles.

  1. Box

It is also one of the best data room vendor. Box provides AES 256-bit encrypted data room services for contract negotiations and M&A.

  1. Intralinks

Intralinks data room software is  well-designed for large organizations and firms to accelerate deal completion and streamline due diligence.

  1. Drooms

Drooms offers cloud-based VDRs for the areas of corporate finance, life science, energy and real estate.

  1. OneHub

Onehub excels in its secure and efficient VDR that maintains employee anonymity.

  1. Imprima 

Imprima is a highly reliable, secure and user-friendly VDR.

  1. Firmex

 Firmex offers professionals a secure document sharing solution. 

  1. SecureDocs

SecureDocs offers a VDR solution for every large business.  It offers a range of security features like two-factor authentication, customizable NDA, permission-based user roles, and more.

What Are The Most Popular Uses Of VDRs?

VDRs are useful in various fields and all because VDRs offer:

  • an organized and structured system for the required documents;

  • fast and reliable document sharing;

  • secure access to documents from any internet-connected device;

  • a convenient and safe place for online discussion of documents.

Data Rooms for Mergers and Acquisitions

You cannot imagine M&A transactions without due diligence – the practice of thoroughly analyzing documents and information. Of course, due diligence requires a secure environment for sharing information, and that’s exactly what VDRs provide. The use of VDRs ensures transparency, security and easy access to data by authorized parties.

Sell ​​a Business

With VDRs, buying or selling a business becomes a simple 4-step process:

  • collection of necessary digital documents;

  • organize and structure files as needed;

  • uploading documents to the VDR;

  • grant access to attendees.

Since VDRs allow documents to be edited and updated on the fly and shorten the negotiation process, the sale takes days instead of months.

Fund Raising

Fundraising projects take time and attract a lot of people coming and going. This makes the question of a secure document sharing environment crucial – and VDR is the answer.

Best data room software features such as Q&A, document management, and comment sections allow every user to quickly make changes, updates, and stay on one page regarding different projects .

Legal Document Management

Law firms benefit from the security, cost effectiveness and availability of VDRs. After all, they are legal documents, some of which may even be classified. Storing documents in a stand-alone environment is expensive and risky, but with VDR’s legal teams, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.