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Ansarada VDR Review

Today, more and more companies are using Data Room software to share sensitive information and optimize customer service and business collaboration in general. This article is an overview of the Ansarada Data Room.

How to use Ansarada Data Room?

Companies that monitor the efficiency of their business process large arrays of information every day. And during peak loads, for example, when calculating company development scenarios, drawing up financial statements, holding deals, they often face a lack of computing power. Today this problem can be solved by optimizing company storage infrastructure with the help of Ansarada VDR (Virtual Data Room). This optimization will ensure the reliability of data storage and quick access to the information that is most important to your business.

Ansarada software competes very successfully with most commercial solutions in this market segment. It is a web platform for building business solutions that combine different services into single information space. It is a specially organized array of enterprise data processed and stored in a single hardware and software complex, which provides quick access to operational and historical information, multidimensional data analysis, obtaining forecasts and statistics in sections of the agreed normative and reference information.

Currently, Data Room storage systems are represented on the global computer market by innovative technologies of a new generation. According to experts, one of the priority areas is storage virtualization. Its widespread implementation can greatly facilitate the management of various systems since the software packages are compatible with devices of different types.

Ansarada –  AI-powered solution for business needs

What benefits does a customer get from implementing Ansarada Data Room? They are as follows:

  • a unified information system for storing corporate data appears, in which unified reference information is used;
  • It becomes possible to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the business. For example: which clients are the most profitable and profitable; what service is most in demand with which clients, what kind of claims are most frequent and in what regions, etc.
  • It becomes possible to conduct analysis using historical data. Often, operational (automating daily business processes) systems do not allow this, they simply do not have enough space for storing history and capacity for analysis.
  • It becomes possible to connect and analyze information previously stored in different information systems. For example, traffic data for different branches is stored in billing systems by different developers. After the implementation of the Data Room, it becomes possible to analyze them together, in a single report.
  • A basis appears for a better calculation of the cost of services – based on information from the corporate data warehouse, it is possible to obtain more adequate data for natural distribution bases.

Ansarada security policy

The reliability and availability of the information system are some of the most important factors that directly affect the sustainability of a company’s business. Having built its infrastructure, the company must constantly think about its reliability and the safety of its data. We need to start with the fact that highly reliable infrastructure and cluster technologies cost a lot of money.

The infrastructure for providing cloud services, built by Ansarada Data Room, was originally designed to provide the highest degree of reliability and resiliency. All equipment is located in secure data centers, where uninterrupted power supply, fail-safe air conditioning, and fire extinguishing systems are provided. All servers are clustered and protected from hardware failure. The data processing center is also provided with backup Internet channels. Thus, by purchasing cloud services from Ansarada, the customer immediately receives a highly reliable and secure information system with 24/7 availability.